WinterWonderGrass 2017

Every February, I mark my calendar for the magic that is the WinterWonderGrass Festival. This year I, along with the rest of the Yampa Valley, was beyond thrilled when WWG … [Read More...]


The Magic of Steamboat Springs

Welcome to Steamboat Springs! It’s hard to decide what exactly makes Steamboat Springs such an incredible place to visit and live. Is it the stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, … [Read More...]

Summer Signature Events

Nutrition Leading up to the Race

Hi Runners! You have two more weeks until the big day! Now let’s talk nutrition, specifically what to eat before, during and after your race and upcoming runs. As a nutritionist, … [Read More...]

Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

It’s one of my family’s favorite Steamboat weekends… if we had to pick just one event to attend all summer, Hot Air Balloon Rodeo would probably be our top contender.  Nobody in … [Read More...]